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Samson Leonhart
Carnivale-Samson infobox pic.jpg
Nationality American
Gender Male
Affiliations Carnivàle
Occupation Carnivàle co-manager
Dwarf strong man (formerly)
Location Carnivàle
Significant Other(s) Sabina Engstrom (ex-wife)
Additional info
Portrayed by Michael J. Anderson
First appearance Milfay
Final appearance New Canaan, CA

Samson was the co-manager of Carnivàle with Management.

Early Life[]

His original biography gave his background as a dwarf strongman who started his career in 1904. Eight years later, he started working on traveling carnivals, including the Hyde & Teller Company.

Season 1[]

He is the right hand of management.

Season 2[]

Photo Gallery[]

You can see photos of Samson here!