Season 2, Episode 9
Air date March 6, 2005
Written by William Schmidt
Directed by Rodrigo García
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"Outskirts, Damascus, NE"
"Cheyenne, WY"

Lincoln Highway, UT is the 9th episode of Season 2 of the series Carnivale.


Although the carnival has safely crossed the border to Wyoming, Jonesy and Libby are kidnapped by a man revenging the Ferris wheel death of his wife. The next morning, Ben has located Stroud and Scudder using astral projection and heads to Cheyenne when he encounters Libby on the road waving for help. To save the life of tarred and feathered Jonesy, Ben needs to use his healing powers and unintentionally also mends Jonesy's bad knee. Meanwhile, Ruthie's irritations grow after waking up and finding the words "Sofie is the Omega -L" on her mirror. Lila keeps close watch on her. Iris overhears Justin talking to stroke-afflicted Norman about his childhood nightmares: A carnival is approaching, hiding his enemy. The same day, Iris disposes another potential enemy and arrives late for Templeton's declaration of Congress candidacy. As Norman's gunshot misses his foster son, Justin shocks the crowd with forgiveness, but Iris finds a new ally in her plot against Justin.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Jonesy: You did this? That's impossible.
Ben: Everything's impossible, 'til it ain't.
Jonesy: You are a healer.
Ben: That's part of it.
Jonesy: One of them saints?
Ben: No.
Jonesy: You ain't an angel.
Ben: No, I ain't no angel, that's for sure.

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