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Libby Dreifuss
Libby Dreifuss.jpg
Gender Female
Occupation stripper at the cootch show
Additional info
Portrayed by Carla Gallo
First appearance Milfay
Final appearance Recurring

Libby Dreifuss was a dancer in her family's Cooch Show for the traveling Carnivale. Older sister to Dora.


Early Life[]

Lost her virginity when she was 12, to a gas pump attendent, stated that it "Hurt like hell."

Season 1[]

Became friends with Sofie after arriving at Babylon, much to Sofie's mother's disapproval. They went to the theature there and were about to steal some candy, when the movie operater caught them. Libby allowed the operater to touch her breast so that she and Sofie could watch a movie. Later they went to the bar and danced the night away together.

Season 2[]