Henry Scudder
Portrayed by John Savage
First appearance Milfay
Final appearance Cheyenne, WY
Gender Male
DOB August 1, 1889
Employer Astoria Hotel
Hyde and Teller Company (former)
Occupation Carnival geek (former)
Miner (former)
Farmer (former)
Soldier (former)
Residence Damascus, Nebraska
Milfay, Oklahoma (former)
Babylon, Texas (former)
Wife Flora Hawkins
Parent(s) Hilton G.W. Scudder (father)
Emma Krohn (mother)
Child(ren) Ben Hawkins
Sibling(s) Owen Scudder
Gilbert Scudder
Alvin Scudder

Henry "Hack" Scudder (August 1, 1889 - 1935) was a mysterious character that would enter the dreams of Ben Hawkins and Justin Crowe. He was an Avatar of Darkness and the father of Ben Hawkins. Henry was born at his family's home on Old Cherry Blossom Road in Ingram, Texas.

Early LifeEdit

As an expatriate in the French Foreign Legion, Henry Scudder was sent to the Eastern Front during World War I. While there, he spent most of his time avoiding his responsibilities and robbing war casualties. One night, Lucius Belyakov, a Russian soldier and Avatar of Light, discovered Scudder hiding in a trench. However, before Belyakov could kill Scudder, Belyakov was attacked by an escaped circus bear and Scudder escaped. While escaping, Scudder met Ernst Lodz, a member of a traveling carnival, who was searching for his lost bear. Scudder deserted the Foreign Legion and traveled with Lodz through Europe. While Lodz trained Scudder to use his abilities, the two of them used each of their talents to cheat people. However, Scudder realized that Belyakov was tracking them and ultimately decided to flee to America. Lodz became angry at Scudder for wanting to leave. Scudder then gave Lodz the ability to read minds in exchange for his sight. In America, Scudder married Flora Hawkins and the two settled down in Milfay, Oklahoma. Scudder bought a piece of land that the couple called Big Sky Farms. Flora became pregnant and gave birth to their only son Ben. However, he soon had to abandon his wife and son when Belyakov and Lodz came to Milfay looking for him. Scudder wandered around the country for a while and descended into alcoholism while losing control of his abilities. While working as a miner in Babylon, Texas, Scudder placed a curse on the town, causing anyone who died there to be trapped in the ghost town as a literal ghost. Afterwards, Scudder joined the Hyde and Teller Company carnival. After working as a sideshow geek for less than a year, Scudder sensed Belyakov was getting closer and ran from the carnival before Belyakov could get to him. In Saint Louis, Scudder was almost caught by Lodz and some of Belyakov's hired but was taken instead by agents of the Order of the Knights Templar.[1]

Season 1Edit

Milfay Henry Scudder is first seen in Ben's dreams running through a cornfield being pursued by a tattooed man and then in uniform during World War I. Later, when Ben is seen dreaming in Lodz's trailer, Lodz, at Lila's insistence, reads his dreams and recognizes Scudder.

After the Ball Is OverEdit

In a dream shared by Ben and Brother Justin Crowe, in which they both appear, Scudder is seen in a diner in Mintern, California sitting across from the Russian soldier from Ben's previous dreams. In another dream, Scudder is seen during the war wandering in a trench with a bunch of dead soldiers, one of whom he steals a helmet from. He notices a body moving and picks up a rifle and goes to investigate. Meanwhile, the Russian soldier has made it to the same trench and aims his gun to shoot Scudder. Before the Russian can shoot, a bear comes from around the corner and causes Scudder to fall. Before we can see the outcome, Ben wakes from his dream. In Ruthie's trailer, Ben shows Ruthie the photo of his mother that he found earlier and she tells him that she was Scudder's girlfriend before showing him a picture of him. Ruthie tells Ben that Scudder was a drinker.

Season 2Edit

Damascus, NE Ben makes his way to Damascus, Nebraska to search for Scudder. While driving past a pig barn, he has a vision of a man with a disfigured face wearing eye goggles that makes him stop in front of the barn. He sees Scudder standing in front of the barn in his tuxedo. Scudder goes inside the barn and Ben follows. Inside the barn, there is no sign of Scudder but Ben has another vision of the disfigured man yelling and pouring vinegar on his face. Through the crack in the barn doors, Ben sees the letters H and S on top of each other and says aloud, "Henry Scudder." Opening the doors, the letters are seen to belong to a Hotel Astoria sign. At the hotel, Ben asks for Scudder; the hotel clerk tells him that he lived there for a year and snuck out owing rent. Ben goes to Scudder's old hotel room and has more visions of the disfigured man. Ben soon finds out that the man is Scudder, who used sulfuric acid to disfigure his face and is the white-haired man in the office downstairs. After avoiding Varlyn Stroud, also looking for Scudder, Ben finds his disfigured father who tries to deny who he is. Ben heals Scudder and drives him back to the Carnivale. On the way, Scudder tells Ben that he had to leave him and his mother because Belyakov was getting close to finding him and that he wouldn't have hesitated to kill Ben and Flora to get to him. Ben chastises him for leaving him alone with a crazy Flora and Scudder tells Ben that he never wanted to be part of the madness. He says he just wanted peace and a family but that he couldn't walk away from who he is. Scudder tells Ben that Belyakov means to kill him; Ben says that he'll protect Scudder. At the Carnivale, Ben and Scudder go to Belyakov's trailer. Belyakov demands that Scudder tell who Ben's opposite is. When Scudder tells that it's Alexi Belyakov, Lucius's son, Belyakov refuses to believe it and attacks Scudder physically. Ben then takes out a knife and stabs Belyakov, saving Scudder.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As an Avatar of Darkness, Scudder is able to peer into people's minds and use their darkest secrets against them; he can also bend people to his will. Like all Avatars, he can have visions of the past, present, and future. When in close proximity to an Avatar of Light, he can identify him. He is able to detect an Avatar of like kind from far away very accurately. He also has the ability to heal by transferring life from his surroundings. He can also resurrect the dead by taking the life of someone else.